"It's a major award!" No really, I was nominated for an award.

Did you get my Christmas Story reference?

One Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, I dragged myself out of bed and joined my toddler to watch Yo Gabba Gabba on the couch armed with coffee and my iPhone.  To my surprise while checking email, amongst the special offers for ink cartridges and senior dating sites (I'm under 40 and married, ironically) I received this little nugget:

Love your blog! Love it so much, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Check out my blog post for the rules on what to do next.  http://virtuallyriki.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/virtually-riki-nominated-for-the-sunshine-award/
Happy Blogging!
Riki :)

I had visions of red carpet and acceptance speeches, but then I thought to do a little digging to make sure this wasn't some kind of spam.  This was REAL!  After checking out Riki's blog I was really touched that she considered my blog inspiring and found out we actually have some things in common.  So, thank you Riki, for the recognition!

In turn, I am sharing the blogs that inspire me as well a 10 facts about myself -- and if you are nominated you should do the same!  Be sure to use the Sunshine Award logo too, please, and link to the blogs of your choosing.  

Blogs That Inspire

Adventures in country living and lots of kids' party ideas.  Oh and also this is my BFF's blog who inspired me to start Coconut Love in the first place, thanks Stacey :)

Sandra makes the cutest Bento lunches for her girls, and she is crafty in SO MANY other ways.  She is a graphic designer, and oh yeah she is also a highschool and college friend o' mine too :)

When I started sewing just two years ago, Flossie Teacakes was one of the first blogs I came across, specifically her Lined, zippered pouch tutorial, I just fell in love with her voice (tone?).  She is such a pleasure to read!  

She writes about two of my favorite pastimes (among other things), sewing & Silhouette Cameo!  

Ok so I'm a sucker for most French things.  I was a French major in college, after all.  I started following KLDezignlesSVG because she provides many cutting files that I save for Silhouette Cameo projects, but she has another blog that has lots of paper crafting and personal stuff as well.  


Simply Recipes

This is an already-established blog but it is my most trusted source for pretty much any kind of recipe.  


A go-to sewing blog with lots of great patterns and tutorials!

Rachel Khoo

Have you seen her show Little Paris Kitchen on the Cooking Channel?  It is the only daytime TV I watch.  Not just for the cooking but SHE is absolutely adorable AND you get a little glimpse of Paris life in each episode.  Must give it a look.

Did you notice that wasn't quite ten blogs?  I have a confession.   I don't FOLLOW many blogs (shame on me!).  I'm more of a Pinner.  I vow to follow more inspirational blogs and share them with you in the future.  So let's move on and see of we have anything in common, shall we?

10 Things About Me

1.  Let's cover all the boring most important stuff in one shot:  Hi, my name is Maureen.  I'm married to a man who doesn't understand what a blog is, but he loves me unconditionally and makes me laugh so I keep him around.   I have 3 awesome kids: Bryan who's 14, he's the whole package - handsome, smart and athletic), Shannon who's 9, she loves horses and tumbling, and Chase who's 2 - we're still figuring him out but he completes our family and brings us all together in such special ways.  We laugh and love a lot.  We live just outside the Bay Area in Gilroy, California with our dog and guinea pig.

2.  I have a college degree that I am totally not using.  I worked for 5 years and then chose to stay home with my first born and never went back (in California, daycare costs and paychecks are about equal so there was no point).  This year I'm going to try to get into selling my hats and things wholesale and at art and wine festivals, but my long-term career goals are to go back to school for graphic design and get a job that will finance my next interesting fact...

3.  One of my dream goals is to take a couple big, memorable family vacations to Hawaii and to Europe in the next 4-5 years.

4.  I have appeared in a magazine ad.

5.   I am not a truly crafty person.  But the more skills I learn, the more original ideas I start to have, which is a start...

6.  I have walked and wogged (walk/jogged) TWO marathons - one in Ireland and the other in Big Sur!

7.   I have para-sailed on the Cote d'Azur.

8.  If I could have one wish, it would be that my BFF lived next door to me.  She is three hours away, boo hoo!

9.  Although I don't post about it, knitting was my original craft.  I started nearly 10 years ago and have made some pretty complicated things!  I enjoy the challenge of new techniques like entrelac, double knitting and intricate cables.  I don't sell any knitting because I would have to charge like $5000 to make any profit :) So it is something I reserve for my family and gifts for special people.    

10.  That's it.  You know everything.

I hope you will check out some of the blogs I mentioned.  Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today!

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  1. Nice to meet you virtually. :)
    We have lots in common.

    I was writing my nomination post WHILE watching a Christmas story. I even made a post with favorite quotes!

    I am originally a Cali girl, but have spent more time in Seattle now than So. Cal.

    I have also wogged a marathon, but once was enough for me. ;)

    I wish my childhood BFF --http://www.studiomkphotography.com--lived next door too. Mine is 3 hours away--via airplane. Seattle to San Diego is too far.

    I too am starting to sell my goodies, but can't say I am really making a profit since I take so long to finish pieces with my perfectionism. It feels good to try though and I look forward to checking out the summer markets this year to sell my pottery, magnabilities jewerly with my art work on it, and maybe even some digital drawings & paintings. Check it out at lilgirlart.com.

    Thanks for sharing some awesome blogs and important stuff about yourself.


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