New Obsession: Jamberry Nail Wraps!

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Recently I was invited to a Jamberry party on Facebook.  I'd never heard of Jamberry, and didn't pay much attention at first.  Those cutesy patterns aren't for me, and don't you have to buy that heater thingy?? (the answer is no).  But oh. my. gosh.  A quick google image search and I was hooked.   I'm a total WANNABE graphic designer and I had fun coordinating different wraps (and as it turns out my actual graphic designer friends love them too!). 

Gray Crisscross with Jamberry Lacquer in Blush

Another Captain America USO Girl Costume

I got a request for another USO Girl costume, but this one is very different from the first. I used satin instead of cotton and since it was to be worn in a race on the 4th of July, I lined the bodice so the satin wouldn't stick to skin when things got sweaty- ew!  

I used a New Look pattern (halter only). I added the lapels and modified it so that it was open in the back and had to add a clip to keep the neck strap from coming undone during the run. 

I pieced together the trapezoid-shaped skirt pieces and attached to the bodice.  I made the bottom of each stripe 4x wider than the top. 

 I left the back open for ventilation and since she was wearing it over shorts and a sports bra it didn't matter of some skin shows. 

Not The Cheapest DIY Curtains Ever Made...

I'm very pleased with how these curtains turned out, and it's a good thing because the costs sure started to add up. I used painters' canvas drop cloths from Home Depot ($25), a cheap curtain rod from WalMart ($15), and some fabric ($10) and fusible spray adhesive ($15) to appliqué stars on the panels. Here's how I did it...

Zebra Letters For A Tween Bedroom Makeover

In this post I will show how I revamped my daughter's name letters from baby nursery pink to sassy black and purple zebra stripes.

2-day Tween Room Makeover

For my daughter's 10th birthday I surprised her with a mini-makeover on her bedroom. I was able to make the curtains, paint the letters, buy the rug and mirror, and hang everything in a 2-day period.  We had already painted the walls peach a year ago, and I had gotten the horse decal from a Groupon.

It all started with the bedspread. My mom got her this awesome "17 Magazine" purple zebra comforter from JC Penny online -- really nice quality I might add.  That cinched the rest of the color palette for me, and this is what I came up with...