Easy, Lined Window Panels (And Lessons Learned)

This special order home decor fabric from JoAnn has been sitting in my living room for 3 weeks because I have been afraid to make the cut! We needed some simple panels for some windows that let in a lot of heat and cause an annoying glare. I finally got out the ladder and measured my windows, unrolled the fabric on my living room floor and made the cut!

Coconut Love (with video "How To Open A Coconut With A Kitchen Knife"

I thought it fitting to kick off my blog with a tribute to my current infatuation... young, green coconuts! I got hooked on coconut water when my mom brought me some in the hospital after I had my son, who is now 7-months and loves coconut too!  Here is the nutshell version of buying, opening and cooking fresh coconuts!