$1 JoAnn Fabric Swatch Sale: Make New Pillow Covers For $5

I had to do this quick write-up to go with a sale JoAnn is having on their home decor fabric swatches - they're just $1! Of course I bought several for a super secret project when they were $2 each - grrrrrrr (you'll hear all about the secret project in a few months). One way to use these swatches is to make pillow covers and update your couch, bed etc. You need two swatches ($2) and an invisible zipper ($3) which will cost around $5. Hopefully you have a pillow to recycle and you don't have to go buy a pillow form, otherwise this is not a $5 project. Sorry I don't have a nice photo of an actual pillow but I wanted to get this published so that you might take advantage of the JoAnn sale.

Easter Birthday Bunting Cake

This year my husband's birthday fell on Easter. I thought it was a good excuse to make this cake I saw on Pinterest, which reminds me of a great big basket full of candy...

Vegan Coconut Curry Recipe

Lately I have been craving FLAVOR. And curries have flavor. I don't know much about curries except that there's Thai and Indian and that I prefer yellow and red curries. When I had my youngest, my BFF brought a yellow curry with chicken that I are everyday for a week. I'm not vegan or vegetarian but I am interested in eating meat/dairy-free more often. You could easily do this with meat as well. You could also change up the veggies to use what you have in the fridge.

Flavorful Vegetarian Better-Than-They-Sound Bean Patties

I'm not a vegetarian but I think it's good to go meatless a few days a week, and I'm a big fan of beans since they have protein and fiber (they're high in antioxidants too). Not to mention great finger foods for babies and toddlers. When you combine beans with rice, the amino acids make a complete protein. I came across Martha Stewart's recipe for black bean and brown rice patties and saw lots of room for improvement. I found that it needed some egg to hold together better, and that it was better to cook it in a pan vs her oven method. Plus a bunch of additions to the preparation... This would be great for hiding kale (chop finely and sauté with the onion).