How To Thread Suspender Slides

You may have landed here because you were reading my "Better, Faster, Easier Way To Make Suspenders" post... if not, definitely check it out.  In that tutorial I am using the vest buckles commonly found at craft stores.  This is just a quick visual of how you thread the suspender slides that look more professional.  The slides that I use have prongs which might be different than other suspenders slides you will find -- I buy them from Crafty Munchkins on Etsy

Operation Burlap Placemats: 4 Ways To Sew Mitered Corners

Placemats are something I don't give much thought to, probably because I never use them. I have some red chargers that I use at Christmastime and that's the extent of table accessories at my house. My mom, however, uses placemats at almost every meal. I love that, and the way she always puts a large plate under the soup bowl or salad plate, which I usually skip because it just seems like more dishes to wash. I should take the time to do that more. She has been using these rabbit placemats for years and years, they are really thick sort of like chipboard, and have a wipeable surface. So I made her these to change it up a bit.  These are burlap and cotton wih mitered corners, very natural and kind of French. The cotton border is teal with gold flecks. 

Find out who won the loopy blanket...

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Finally Found A Way To Sew A Narrow Hem (That Doesn't Make Me Want To Rip My Hair Out)

At last!  I figured out the best way to do a narrow rolled hem. I made lots of doll clothes for my daughter for Christmas and I was going crazy with all those tiny hems!!!  I have a narrow hemmer foot but it's hard to get started and I can't get a consistently even hem. I tried pressing the seam allowance and then rolling the edge in to the crease but my fingers are too big and clumsy. So it finally occurred to me to just fold and stitch twice!

Framed & Padded Custom Printed Burlap Earring Boards - Perfect Last Minute Gift

If you don't have a lot of time or money but you want to give a personal gift, this is the perfect project.  You can whip this up in under an hour!  These padded frames are a parking spot for French wires - keep it by your bed or the bathroom sink, or keep your favorite pairs within reach.  They're not meant to organize all of your earrings, it's more like practical  artwork.  If you're giving earrings as a gift, make an itty bitty one for presentation.  I thought this was an original idea but then I saw that other people had the same idea... maybe it came to me subliminally via Pinterest.  I haven't seen any quite like mine, however.  The difference is that I print on the burlap to make it totally unique (a monogram would be nice), plus it's padded with fleece.  Keep reading and I'll show you how easy it is...  You need an old frame, some burlap and freezer paper.