{A Review} Getting To Know My New Verismo

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I always find the best gifts to be the ones you didn't know you wanted in the first place.  I mentioned to my mom recently that I had a really good cup of coffee from my friend's Keurig (Seattle's Best House Blend)... and to my surprise I got a Verismo for Christmas.  I didn't even know Starbucks had their own version, and that it even did a little more than a Keurig, but I've been having fun familiarizing myself with all the new coffee systems.  So if you're in the market for a single-serve coffee do-hickey then keep reading on...

Glass Etching with Silhouette Cameo

I love to etch glass, it is one of those completely rewarding projects with a big reveal at the end. It's pretty simple, you make a vinyl stencil for your surface and apply etching cream to the area. There's a couple things to remember, so keep reading...

The Yummiest Party Dip

I make this dip every Chistmas (my moms recipe), and every year my oldest says Are you making the dip?  It is pure deliciousness - the fresh dill, green onion and celery... I. Can't. Even.

The Perfect Poach

I learned how to poach chicken from this amazing just-like-Chinese-takeout soup recipe http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Ginger-Scallion-Egg-Drop-Soup-358121, and picked up some other tips to make the most tender, flavorful poached chicken. Goodbye dry, rubbery, bland chicken. Make large batches to have for snacking and salads (which is huge for me now that I'm back on the low carb bandwagon). It's very simple. Over-flavor the water, and do a 2-step simmer/stand for 20-minutes. I will elaborate...

Honest Review of the Starbucks Verismo Milk Frother (with video and recipe)

This post does contain affiliate links, but I'm always honest in my opinions and recommendations!

I got the Starbucks Verismo single-serve coffee/espresso machine & milk frother for Christmas (score!! Thanks mom!).  I'm using the frother to make kids drinks as well as lattes and au laits.  I have discovered a cool shortcut for the milk frother that I wanted to share, too.  Down at the bottom I have a little video showing it in action.