The Yummiest Party Dip

I make this dip every Chistmas (my moms recipe), and every year my oldest says Are you making the dip?  It is pure deliciousness - the fresh dill, green onion and celery... I. Can't. Even.

Don't let the shrimp fool you, it's not the least bit fishy. And the cream of mushroom soup, well, normally I run for the hills when I come across recipes that use it but for this I make an exception. I think you will too. 

make it a couple days ahead of time, it goes together very fast. Dissolve the gelatin in hot water, whisk in the cream cheese and cream of mushroom soup til smooth...

Add the mayo, shrimp, celery and herbs...

Pour into an oiled mold or bowl and cover with plastic wrap. 

Serve with crackers! Wheat Thins and Triscuits work well. 

Tell me if you try it and if your family and guests love it as much as mine do!

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