The Perfect Poach

I learned how to poach chicken from this amazing just-like-Chinese-takeout soup recipe, and picked up some other tips to make the most tender, flavorful poached chicken. Goodbye dry, rubbery, bland chicken. Make large batches to have for snacking and salads (which is huge for me now that I'm back on the low carb bandwagon). It's very simple. Over-flavor the water, and do a 2-step simmer/stand for 20-minutes. I will elaborate...

Just cover the chicken with heavily salted water (I'm estimating 3-4 Tablespoons) and add a bay leaf and several shakes of granulated garlic. (That is my go-to seasoning but fresh garlic and most herbs will work well). Bring to a gentle boil, then turn down and simmer 10 minutes.  Turn off the stove and let stand in hot water, covered, another 10 minutes. Drain and let it cool to touch, then slice or shred depending on how you plan to use it. 

I'm especially excited that my super picky 10-year-old likes it and will eat it cold in her school lunches. *happy dance*

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