Repurpose A Kids Tent Into A Sandbox

I'm not gonna lie, I'm feeling pretty smug right now. Finally a cool repurposing idea that's NOT "Pinterest-inspired", that I came up with all by myself!  My brilliant idea was to turn a kids pup tent (pup tent? pop tent?) into a sandbox.  You see, we have a fenced-in pool and lots of concrete in our back yard, so I wanted to spruce things up for baby #3 - a water table, a basketball hoop, maybe a slide or a playhouse, and now a sandbox. 

Repurpose Gym Shorts Into A Backpack-Style Drawstring Bag

When your son goes out of his way and asks you to make him something, you stop everything and do it. Not because he's got you wrapped around his little finger, but because there aren't many opportunities to sew for a teenage boy. (I wanted to screen print a shirt for 8th grade promotion that said "I put the RAD in GRAD" which apparently is lame. At least he can be honest, and I can laugh at myself.). Anyway he asked me to make him a backpack. Um, a backpack? I said.  He meant a drawstring bag like I made for his gym clothes, but with straps that he could wear like a backpack, to use for the class trip to Six Flags Great America. I told him so long as the bag is used for good an not for evil, like transporting explosives (he is a good kid, but some kids brought fireworks -- actually M80s -- to his birthday party so now we are on alert).