$1 JoAnn Fabric Swatch Sale: Make New Pillow Covers For $5

I had to do this quick write-up to go with a sale JoAnn is having on their home decor fabric swatches - they're just $1! Of course I bought several for a super secret project when they were $2 each - grrrrrrr (you'll hear all about the secret project in a few months). One way to use these swatches is to make pillow covers and update your couch, bed etc. You need two swatches ($2) and an invisible zipper ($3) which will cost around $5. Hopefully you have a pillow to recycle and you don't have to go buy a pillow form, otherwise this is not a $5 project. Sorry I don't have a nice photo of an actual pillow but I wanted to get this published so that you might take advantage of the JoAnn sale.

I picked this pretty and modern print and a plain white for the back. Place them on top of each other and even up the ends if needed. The swatches are roughly 17". You should pre-wash too since the beauty of zipped pillow covers is that you can remove them!


Place the zipper along one edge, right sides together, and sew with your zipper foot.

Now sew the other end of the zipper to the other piece of fabric (right sides together). Open the zipper because this will be your opening for turning the case right side out later.

Sew around all 4 sides, clip the corners and turn. Voilà!



  1. Oh my goodness, this looks so easy. I love to sew, but zippers and bindings always strike fear in me. Why did I have it in my mind that the zipper would go in last, after all 3 sides were sewn together???? Duh! Thanks for the tute and pictures...and sending me a dose of courage.

    1. I love to sew zippers! I have some other zipper bag tutorials posted and there are so many online. Go for it :)


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