On A Personal Note...

I don't normally write "Dear Diary, just checking in" type posts about my personal life, but I haven't been posting much lately and wanted to let you know what's coming soon from Coconut Love.

One of the reasons I've been too busy to write is because I've been contemplating selling wholesale AND getting into the craft fair circuit, which sent me on a wild goose chase to get my business affairs in order and come up with a cute, vintage style girl's outfit that would fit into the whole hat/suspender/bow tie thing I have going on.  Ruffle rompers and flower/lace headbands are so trendy, and I hate to be a copycat but they really do have the retro feel that I'm looking for.  I'm also considering switching to elastic suspenders and clip-on bow ties which will be more cost effective  (and just as cute) all-around.  I am still figuring out exactly how I want to make the rompers but I had so much fun making the headbands (I will be posting a tutorial).

I had some fun playing with chalkboard paint but didn't take pictures, therefore nothing to share, but I still have a whole can to play with so I'll come up with more fun things to try.  What I did was take dollar-store wine glasses dip the base in chalkboard paint so you can write on them.  It made a fun gift paired with a bottle of wine.

I also got started with soldering and didn't get too far.  The stuff is still all set up on a cookie sheet that keeps getting shuffled around because I have no place for it.  That's pretty much how everything is in my office/sewing room right now.  I foresee a big organization post in the future...

I developed a new addiction to a Facebook group for Silhouette users which has been very helpful and inspirational, I can't wait to share more projects ideas and tutorials with you.

You will probably be seeing more cooking posts from me, specifically low-carb and gluten-free cooking.  Yes, it's time to tackle all this weight that has been accumulating since I had my youngest.  I'm considering starting a separate blog for those who are interested, so that I don't bore/annoy the rest of you!  Or I might keep it anonymous so that I can share all my deep dark embarrassing secrets without fear of judgement.  The jury is still out on that one.  

I think that accounts for everything that has been keeping me busy -- oh yeah and also taking care of 3 kids and trying to keep up with the housework, homework, and grocery shopping that come with them.  Another post in the works, the joy and lack of appreciation of being a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom.  Sigh.

I hope I gave you some reasons to stay tuned!  Feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you're most interested in and I will prioritize accordingly :)


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