Free Doll Clothes Patterns (I'm Slightly Obsessed)

If you're a Facebook fan you may have caught my post about these adorable doll clothes patterns that have driven me closer to becoming a "crazy doll lady".  I think it has to do with the fact that my 9-year-old daughter doesn't let me dress her up and do her hair. Anyway I fell in love with the Liberty Jane Patterns for 18" American Girl (R) sized dolls (available at Pixie Faire). I wanted to show how I used their free pattern for a "trendy tee" to make a tank dress. 

Sure, I can get doll clothes patterns from McCalls or Simplicity on sale at JoAnn for $1... but these are SOOO much easier than using old school tissue paper patterns for doll clothes -- I honestly prefer downloading/printing/cutting.  I have also found that the Liberty Jane clothes fit better. 

I made a couple shirts and tanks with the pattern as-is, and I just lengthened it by a few inches to make a dress. I made the bottom about 1/2 - 1" wider too. 

Sorry about my foot photo-bomb there.  

The best part is that I upcycled a shirt so I didn't have to do the hem! 

I forgot to cut the back in two pieces but it was better that way for a dress, so I just cut a slit in the top. 

To make it a tank top, just leave off the sleeves and double fold the arm opening.  Click here to see how I do tiny rolled hems.

Liberty Jane has a free dress pattern, and a couple more freebies if you sign up for their newsletter. The other pattern I highly recommend is the UK Holiday Top & Leggings (my version shown in the blurry photo below) and the Harajuku Skirt (not pictured):

By the way, some patterns are free all the time and some were free for a day. 

Are you a total nut about making doll clothes?  Go check out these patterns and you will be!

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