The Ridiculous Patent on Sensory Blankets & Toys (and How to Make Your Own!)

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I admit, even though it's been a year this still gets me all riled up. Let me start at the beginning... Once upon a time I opened an Etsy shop and I listed some loopy blankets and toys that so many people sell. One day I received a message via Etsy from a third-party legal representative informing me that I was in violation of copyright infringement, or something to that effect.  Apparently one of the big toy manufacturers patented sewing ribbon loops or anything like it in the seam of a a blanket, like this:

And toys, like this:

Now I think this is the silliest thing I have ever heard.  It's almost like putting a patent on the way you put in a zipper or finish a seam.  It's a technique.  But far be it from me to fight The Man or find a loophole (hahaha no pun intended!) so I complied like a good shop owner and took the listings down.  That was before I found my niche in baby flat caps (plus there are SO many Etsians selling blankets that is is hard to compete).   I'm over it.

But I want to show you how easy they are to make - it's a great beginner project.  I'm actually going to cheat and give you links to a couple of my other posts.  Follow the directions to make a regular minky blanket.  It's doesn't have to be minky and cotton:  I recommend at least one side be minky, flannel, ultra cuddle or something soft, and the other side could be cotton or satin (or make both sides cuddly!).

After you have your fabric cut and before you sew the layers together, make ribbon loops (just fold the ribbon in half) and pin them around the edges of the blanket, but they should be facing in with the ends lined up with the edge of the blanket, like in my taggie toy post.  Here's a picture of how the ribbons go:

If you want more sensory-ness, slip a wooden ring or bead on the ribbon loop before you sew. Be careful of choking hazards and chemicals, duh.

If you like you can baste the ribbons in place on just one piece of the fabric before you sew the two layers together (like I have done in my picture), because when you sew the blanket right-sides-together and the ribbons are in-between it's easy for them to slip out of place.  Up to you.  I like to triple stitch the ribbons since they will be tugged on.

I have to say to be careful with loops.  Once, in her sleep, my daughter got her finger twisted in the loop of a bow around her teddy's neck ALL NIGHT which could have been pretty serious.  If you just want ribbons sticking out instead of loops, here's a cool tip:  To keep the ribbon from fraying, quickly run the flame of a lighter across the ends and it will melt and seal the edge.  This would be a cute way to make an animals tail or doll hair too.

You can sew other trims in a seam the same way (in-between the layers, raw edges aligned), like ruffles or the rope and fringe on my cowboy & cowgirl blankets:

That's how easy it is to make your own taggie blanket!

Since I can't legally sell the airplane one that I made, I'm giving it away!  I already have a minky blanket giveaway going on so follow Coconut Love on Blogger or Facebook for details on how to win this airplane loopy security blanket a little later on...  The contest is on...

This airplane blanket is a small, security blanket size taggie with ribbon loops on one edge.  It has minky on one side, and it's perfect for the carseat, peekaboo and traveling everywhere with your little guy.  

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