Tiny Taggy Teething Toy (that crinkles!)

Today my almost-9-month-old was furiously chewing on everything, so tonight I whipped up something to sink his tooth buds into. Plus, we were out of Cheerios (keep reading) et voilà... the tiny taggy teething toy. It's a great way to use scraps and a quick project. that you can customize a zillion ways.

I wanted to incorporate lots of knobby things to chew on, so I braided and knotted satin ribbon, and sewed them into the seams. I wish I had some wood teething rings, but I have some plastic links that will slip onto a loop just fine. Then there's the crinkle factor (enter Cheerios). I've been waiting for someone to finish off the Cheerios so I could use the bag, or use up a package of wipes which is deliciously crinkly as well.

I used 2 layers of cotton, the cute outer fabric and a plain cotton interior to hold the crinkle material -- this may not be necessary but I figure it adds some softness and an extra buffer between the baby and the plastic. Since its all cotton, you can dampen it and refrigerate it to relieve teething discomfort (and wash it).

To make the toy:
1 piece cotton print 7x14 (or 2 7x7 scraps)
1 piece cotton lining 7x14 (or 2 7x7)
1 piece crinkly plastic like a cereal bag
A variety of ribbon cut into 7-8" pieces.

First, prepare your ribbons. Take some 7-8" pieces and fold in half crosswise, then tie a knot close to the folded end. Braid some pieces together. Make some with several knots on each ribbon. Set aside.

Fold both pieces of fabric in half crosswise and stack them on top of each other so you have 4 layers of fabric.  Place a bowl with a 6" diameter on the fabric and trace a circle. Pin fabric so it doesn't shift as you cut. Cut. You now have 4 circles. (if you use a bigger bowl, increase fabric dimensions accordingly).

Place the inner fabric on top of each other (doesn't really matter which sides are together). Sew along edge, leaving an opening for your crinkle material. Don't bother to turn inside out, just stuff the sheet of plastic inside -- let it be bunchy and messy so it makes noise! Then sew the circle shut. Set aside.

Now place one piece of your outer fabric right side up and lay out your ribbons, pinning them so they are pointing inward and ribbon edges are even with fabric edge. Allow the pins to hang off the edges so you see them as you sew.

Place the other piece of fabric on top, right side down. (Right sides together with ribbons inbetween.) Pin 3-4 times just to keep your edges in place. Oops almost forgot to sew my label on first! It would be really cute to embroider or appliqué the outer fabric beforehand.

Sew along edges, leaving a 2-3" opening. It helps to be strategic and leave an opening between ribbons. I back stitched over each ribbon for security. Turn inside out (my favorite part!!!).

Insert your crinkle pillow.

Fold in the edges at the opening and pin. Topstitch around the circumstance. Use a cute decorative stitch that everyone says you'll never use :)

I have so many ideas to dress up this toy. Make it different shapes, appliqué a silly face on the outside, give it soft fabric puppy dog ears that hang down, monogramming, make one to match an outfit or blanket as a gift set, add a squeaker or jingle ball... I would love to hear what you do with it -- have fun!


Comments are very much appreciated!