Flag Banner From Home Dec Fabric Swatches

Recently JoAnn started selling all their home dec swatches for $1-2, and I snatched up enough to make some flag banners for the big party that I threw for my moms 60th.  (I also used them to make pillow covers).  It took me a while to warm up to the whole bunting trend, but since I was trying to create a French "style" to the party without all the Eiffel Tower and other obvious themed decorations, I thought this was a good way to achieve that.  La Nebbia winery had lots of great places to string up all three banners, but of course I only got one photo in the craziness of the day.

Here's a couple examples of my "French inspired" fabric choices (against my table cloth that is actually from Provence!)...

I only used 3 swatches to make a 20-ish foot banner. The way I cut the flags gave me some whole triangles and some halves. I pieced the halves together so some have a seam down the middle. I ended up with 8 flags total per swatch.  That's 24 flags per banner.  One of the banners only had 20 flags because the fabric was a large diamond pattern and the halves didn't look right with a seam down the middle.  C'est la vie...

I zig zagged the long edges and pressed the flags flat. Then I took 1/2" satin ribbon from the Dollar Tree and stitched it along the top of the flags, leaving a couple inches in-between and several inches of ribbon on either end. You might want to lay your flags out beforehand to make sure they're arranged how you like. Also, don't forget to back-stitch at the beginning and end of each flag.

I'm so pleased that I want to make some for my daughters room, but the home dec fabrics are a little boring for that. I'll have to stock up on fat quarters or flannel next time there's a sale.

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