Metal Stamping Project Ideas For Beginners

I've started goofing around with metal stamping and made something my kids for Christmas.  I'm really excited about this new craft and hope to get learn a lot more about working with metal.  I'm a font nut to begin with, so I've already got my eyes on some cool alphabet punch sets (see how I'm already using the lingo?!  punch = stamp).  I got my stuff muy cheapo at Hobby Lobby - I got a plain uppercase number/letter set with a coupon for around $10.  Then I splurged and used another coupon to get a stamping block for like $4.  I just use my household hammer.  I've stamped on hardware store washers, and I also got some aluminum blanks (there's that lingo again) which stamp MUCH more easily.  I haven't tried out copper or sterling silver yet.  If/when I really delve into it, there's other accessories to buy like texture hammers, shaping blocks, punches to cut your own shapes and make holes etc.

Here is some of the metal stamped jewelry that I've been admiring, and then down below I'll show off my little starter projects!

Tutorial at Happy Hour Projects
By StampedMemoriesByMel on Etsy

Love the 3-D effect.
By DanielleJoyDesigns on Etsy

I love these sterling silver minis
By AmandaDeer on Etsy

Love the chunkiness of the copper
By Chain0 on Etsy
A cuff would be fun to make too
By KGdesignsJewelry on Etsy

Here is a look at my very first stamped washer.  My kids' names...

The other side is covered in paper with French script and coated in a glass-like resin (tutorial here):

So here is the leather bracelet I made my 13-year-old son for Christmas.  He's not a jewelry-wearing kind of guy, but he usually wears a watch and this is similar.  I have to tell you that I totally 100% stole this idea from The Silver Diva - props for the awesome design!  Not the greatest photo, I'll try to snap a better one...

I got a piece of soft black leather at Michael's for around $3, a washer from Lowe's, and heavy duty snaps (I like to get them at WalMart because they sell the package that includes the tool).  It was really simple to make, I won't go into details other than it helps to make a notch in the leather so it wraps around the washer easily.  Also, I used some sand paper on the washer to smooth it a little.  (If you would like to see the process, please comment or message me and I'll write it up - it would be a good tutorial for snaps too)!

And here's a little charm pendant I made for my daughter, the horse lover.  These are the aluminum blanks I mentioned, accompanied by a charm and a Swarovski crystal.

To darken the lettering you just color over it with a Sharpie and then wipe it clean with some nail polish remover - cool!  PS You really do need the stamping block.  Before I got one I had to go out on the concrete ground outside to get a hard enough surface.  I use the block for doing snaps as well.

I also put these pegasus charms on silver French wires - her first dangly earrings!  Not exactly a matching set (or relevant to a metal stamping post!), but she loved it nonetheless.

If you have tips about working with different metals (silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel) I'd love to hear them!

>> UPDATE another metal stamping idea - personalized zipper pulls!  Just stamp a blank and attach it to the zipper with a jump ring.  I did this on these makeup/toiletry bags that I made:

Another project I've made, wine glass charms...


  1. Really Cool! Love the leather bracelet idea, will go to walmart for the heavy duty snaps!

    1. Awesome - I'd love to see what you make!


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