Silhouette Cameo Two Color Design

I finally made my first two-color design with my Cameo!  It's pretty simple and you might learn a trick or two if you keep reading.

I was cutting the Jamberry logo which is plum & raspberry a sort of interlocking heart design. I started by importing the JPEG to my Silhouette library. I then traced the design (trace outer edge).  I 'ungrouped' and 'released compound path'. I color-filled each piece of the design so that I wouldn't get confused later. Then I added a small square to the design which will help you later on! 

Once my design was set up, I was ready to cut!  Since I can't cut both colors at once, I selected just the plum pieces AND the square and set it to 'cut edge'. In the cutting screen, make sure the raspberry sections are set to 'no cut'. Then go ahead with your cut. 

Next I loaded my raspberry vinyl, set the raspberry sections to cut (and deselected the plum). You STILL want to cut that little square, and it's VERY important not to move it once you have made your first cut. You'll see why...

Now you should have two cuts like this:

Apply your transfer tape to one of the sections like so:

Peel back the design so that only the square is exposed ...

And match up the squares so your design will be perfectly aligned:
This is why you don't want to move the design, you need the squares in exactly the same spot for layering.

See the pink design under there? 

Peel the backing off the top design (in my case the plum) and lay the transfer tape down on the bottom design :

Don't forget to remove the squares! Hope this was helpful and easy to follow!

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