Easy Silhouette Cameo Project - Personalized Doggie Vinyl Window Sticker

I admit I totally copied this idea from places like this on Etsy, but it was a really fun, easy project to break in my Cameo.  Sorry I didn't capture the whole process with photos - if you know a little about the Cameo it is easy to figure out.  This is the perfect beginner project -- if you don't have your Silhouette yet, I'd appreciate you using my affiliate link!

People love their doggies and my mom is no exception. The one pictured is on her sliding glass door.  I started by downloading a cocker spaniel shape from the Silhouette store for 99-cents (actually it was free because I still had some of my $10 credit left). I sized it to around 3x4". 

Then I used the text tool to write the dog's name in a cute font, and positioned it inside the dog shape.  With Silhouette you can use any fonts that are installed on your computer, and you can always find cool free fonts online too (try dafont.com). 

Then I made the heart shape. I didn't want to download a heart shape because it was easy to make. I just used the circle tool to make an oval. Then I sized it and rotated it. Then for the magic part, I copied the oval so I had two identical lopsided ovals, then I flipped one so it was a mirror image. I positioned them so they made a heart, selected or "highlighted" both shapes and then used the Weld tool. Welding brings the shapes together where the lines intersect and gets rid of the overlapping lines inside. Position your new heart shape on the dog shape and you're done! 

Actually you're not done yet. Weed the unwanted vinyl so that only your design is left on the backing. Then take your transfer tape (or some masking tape) and stick it into the design, using the scraper to get it to adhere well.  Peel away the vinyl backing and apply the sticker wherever you want!  And of course peel off the transfer tape. NOW you're done. 

My mom wants another one for her other cocker spaniel so I'll take pictures and update this post soon :)


  1. What kind of vinyl do you use to keep this on? Does it last through car washes?

    1. Hi Annie! You want Oracal 651 for cars, it should hold up to the car wash. Check out www.craftvinyl.com for the best deals :)


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