{BabyFoodie} Homemade Rice Cereal

I checked this website to find out how to make rice cereal, and learned some other cool stuff. Apparently leftover rice is bacteria-prone so it's best to cook at each meal, don't do the frozen meal thing. Also, uncooked rice should be stored in the fridge because it can go rancid without any telltale signs. And of course, we all know that brown rice is healthier than white, but apparently it's one of those foods that should be purchased organic (like the dirty dozen produce list).  Based on what I've read about grains, it would probably be good to soak the rice for a prolonged time to increase digestibility and to remove the phytic acid which is a nutrient blocker.

I didn't start my son on grains until 8-9 months, up til then he only had fruits and veggies and chicken and cottage cheese. We tried rice cereal around 7 months and he had a little reaction (painful gas) so we waited and tried again later. So if your little one is ready for grains, here is how you make and prepare rice cereal...

Blend the uncooked rice as fine as you can, and keep the powder stored airtight.

To make rice cereal, add a couple spoonfuls to 1/2-1C boiling water, turn the heat down and simmer til soft, around 10 minutes. Don't forget to keep stirring. You may need to add more water or rice powder to get the right consistency.  It should look something like this:

How do you photograph in steam, I'd like to know?!

You may need to run the cereal through the blender if your baby doesn't appreciate texture yet.  Here is a close-up of the cereal, without additional blending:

Rice cereal mixed with apple cinnamon raisin puree

Add fruit purée, or simmer fruit with the cereal for variety. Make a rice pudding with coconut milk and bananas or raisins.  Use homemade chicken stock instead of water and blend with chicken, turkey or salmon.  Try toasting the rice before you grind it to bring out the natural nutty flavor.  So many possibilities to give your little one variety!

By the way, if you are steaming rice for the rest of the family, you can just run it through the blender after cooking -- the rice powder just cooks faster  ;)

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