{BabyFoodie} Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon Purée

When I learned that raisins are high in iron, something that babies need more of after six months, I started adding them to everything! It never occurred to me to incorporate raisins into baby food. This week I've been making a purée (glorified applesauce) of apple and raisin with cinnamon and adding it to rice cereal. Honestly, it tastes better than sugar-sweetened oatmeal I've had! It's great plain or mix the purée with some organic canned pumpkin or cottage cheese -- my bubba loves it! This might become a staple for baby & the rest of the family. Other things to try it with: banana, oats, sweet potato, carrot, squash...

There's no exact recipe here. I put the following in a small pot or pan with about 1/2" of water: a peeled, chopped apple, a handful of raisins, and a pinch or two of cinnamon (less is more, too much cinnamon will be bitter).  Simmer til the apples are tender, adding more water if needed. Reserve the cooking liquid in case you need it to thin the purée.

Today I had it on toast with cottage cheese!


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