DIY Puffy Felt Magnets (and Blanket Stitch Tutorial)

This is a project only a mother could love. Meaning, it's a great introduction to sewing for kids AND these magnets are very entertaining (and safe) for babies. I had a lot of fun with the color combinations and got creative with buttons and ribbon as well. But mostly, they made my fridge a colorful wonderland for the baby which means less scaling cupboards and getting underfoot as I'm cooking!

I got the idea from this pin and sort of went from there.  The magnet is inside the felt which reduces the strength of the magnet, so these are good for play, not for holding important paperwork!  And remember things like magnets and buttons are choking hazards so use strong/thick thread and knot everything in place (or just embellish with embroidery) and supervise baby.

Here's what you need to get started:

  • Felt 
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil, disappearing ink or not
  • Needle & Thread (I used DMC floss)
  • Cookie Cutters (stencil, etc. or just freehand it)
  • Magnets (from Michaels, JoAnn, Hobby Lobby etc.)
  • Stuffing, batting, fabric scraps, cotton, etc.
  • Buttons and ribbon (optional)

Start by tracing your pattern onto your felt.  

Fold or stack 2 layers of felt and cut out your pattern (to get 2 pieces).
I cut a smaller heart in a contrasting color as well.

Sew desired embellishments to one of the pieces (the other piece will be the back and doesn't need decoration).  I'm going to show how to use blanket stitch to attach the small and large hearts.

Start by inserting needle from the back at the edge of the smaller heart.
Pull through leaving a 2" tail.

Now insert the needle from top to bottom about 1/8" to the right and 1/8" down inside the smaller heart.

Pull almost all the way through, leaving a small loop.
Insert needle back to front at the edge of the small heart, just above the last stitch...

...And pull the needle through the loop left from the last 2 stitches.

Give the thread a tug upward and to the right to tighten.

Note:  the following 2 steps will repeat to completion.

Insert needle front to back 1/8" right and 1/8" down, leaving a small loop...

In one motion, insert needle back to front at the edge of the heart and through the loop.

Pull taut.

Continue this way (needle down inside the heart, needle up on the edge of the heart, catching the loop as you bring the needle up) until you have stitched all the way around.   End with needle down and tie the tails in a knot.

Now you're ready to attach the front and back pieces!  Stack the pieces and rethread your needle.  Blanket stitch is slightly different now since we are working on the edge of 2 pieces the same size.  See photos.  

We want the tail (which will later be knotted) in-between the layers, so insert your needle in the back piece from front to back (inside to back?).  Pull through leaving a 2" tail.  Like this:

Insert the needle over and down (diagnoal) leaving a loop as before...

Pull through the loop (no need to go back to front like before, since we are working on the edge)

Repeat around, leaving a 1" opening.


Slip a magnet inside against the back piece

And continue stitching to close.  End by inserting the needle to the inside next to the tail from the start.

Tie off your tails and push the thread to the inside.


Here are some of the first magnets that I made, before I thought to fill them.  Dorky, I know, but they're quick, easy and fun to make and the baby loves them!

I would love to know if you make some, and what ideas you come up with!  Feel free to post pictures on the Facebook page!


  1. Thank you for the blanket stitch tutorial. Love the magnet idea especially because they are so soft. Great idea!

    1. I bet Sawyer and Sydney would like this project! Just a basic running stitch works just fine :)


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