How To Thread Suspender Slides

You may have landed here because you were reading my "Better, Faster, Easier Way To Make Suspenders" post... if not, definitely check it out.  In that tutorial I am using the vest buckles commonly found at craft stores.  This is just a quick visual of how you thread the suspender slides that look more professional.  The slides that I use have prongs which might be different than other suspenders slides you will find -- I buy them from Crafty Munchkins on Etsy

So here is what you will need.  The two straps which you have already folded, pressed and topstitched. Four suspenders clips and the two suspender slides.

Here is a close up of the slides:

Take one of the straps and place it wrong side up on the flat part of the slide, and close the prongs.  At first I wasn't convinced the prongs would hold but I haven't had any issues thus far!

Place the other end through the clip, going from back to front so the right side shows (as pictured).

Feed the loose end through the slide as pictured.  You might have to swivel the clamp part up to create a path for the strap.  

Now you have this (don't hurt your neck, sorry I didn't rotate the photo before deleting it from my phone!)

Feed the loose end through the clip making sure the tail is on the wrong side.

And stitch a zigzag or satin stitch to close it up.

Then finish by criss-crossing the back and stitching a diamond like in the original post.  Tadaaa!


  1. Thanks so much for this great tutorial. I've made 5 pair for my daughter's wedding next weekend using your instructions. Frustrated because I can't find the length adjusters or vest buckles in my town. Will try to stop on the way down to San Diego to find some in LA. Again, thanks! Looking forward to your flat cap pattern. Let us know when available.

    1. I'm glad it helped you!! I buy all the hardware on Etsy!!

    2. If you don't mind me asking what etsy shop do you use for your hardware? My local shop does not sell the hardware.
      Thanks for the great tutorials!


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