Finally Found A Way To Sew A Narrow Hem (That Doesn't Make Me Want To Rip My Hair Out)

At last!  I figured out the best way to do a narrow rolled hem. I made lots of doll clothes for my daughter for Christmas and I was going crazy with all those tiny hems!!!  I have a narrow hemmer foot but it's hard to get started and I can't get a consistently even hem. I tried pressing the seam allowance and then rolling the edge in to the crease but my fingers are too big and clumsy. So it finally occurred to me to just fold and stitch twice!

I pin to get it started but once it's under the needle you just have to fold it over. Since I am sewing with knit fabric I didn't bother to press. 

So here's the first 1/4" turned under and stitched down.

Then it easily rolls the second time, and you stitch it down again. You only see one row of stitching on the right side.  All nice and neat inside...

And smooth and pretty on the outside...

Pretty nifty.

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