Metal Stamped Wine Charm Party Favors

I threw a party for my moms 60th at La Nebbia winery, and made wine glass charms as a favor. La Nebbia generously provided a champagne glass and mini bottle of their sparkling wine to complete the gift.  I stamped each guests' name on a brass blank, added some beads and put them on a silver ear wire which are also sold as wine charm rings. See more metal stamping ideas here!  It's a fun and inexpensive hobby to start.

 I found the blanks here on Etsy, and specifically chose some that already had holes for the jump ring. I chose two sizes, a 1/2" for 3-4 letter names and a 1" for up to 7 letters.  For 8+ letters I stamped the name along the bottom edge of the blank.  The smaller ones even had jump rings already attached - bonus!  I love how the smaller ones have a cupped shape after stamping. 


The ear wires are from here on Etsy.

I found some little turquoise looking seed beads (not semi-precious but not plastic either, maybe a composite??).  Lately I'm into blues and gold tones together, and I was trying to stick with teal and lime for the party colors.

I made some extras for people who didn't RSVP and plus-ones.

Mostly en francais, bien sur

And I made the kids' into a pendant on some sheer ribbon. 

I cut some Kraft paper bookmarks into thirds and punched a hole in each one, and strung ribbon through the hole AND the wine charm and tied it to the gift bag.  You can see this up close in the first picture at the top of the post.

They looked so pretty sitting all together on the gift table.  And the guests were excited to take something home, although I think they were more excited about the champagne than the charms!  That's okay...

I didn't get super fantastic pictures because there was so much to do right up until the party, but here's the La Nebbia glasses, and a shot of the (full-size) champagne...


  1. That is beautiful!!! I love charms and putting it on those glasses is a perfect idea. A wonderful party favor idea.

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