Custom Water Bottle Labels With Silhouette Cameo

My mom's party at La Nebbia Winery may as well have been sponsored by Silhouette because I used it for so many projects!  I was trying to create a French ambiance and one of the small ways I did that was to have un caraf d'eau on all the tables. Friends generously donated 1-liter glass water bottles and I made custom labels to brighten up the table and personalize it a bit.

I read some tutorials on making labels and the "right way" to do it is to use waterproof printable vinyl. Well I saw this cool tutorial that uses scrapbook paper or cardstock and packing tape, and since I'm all about saving money and using what I have, that is what I did. 

I got some coordinating scrapbook paper and used the Silhouette to cut the shapes. Each label has 3 parts: the long rectangular background, the main design (the C for my labels), and a white circle that goes behind the C to make it white.

I made the rectangular piece about 1/4" longer than needed so it would wrap around completely.

I layered the pieces and cut a piece of tape about an inch longer than the rectangle. I'm not going to lie, it was really hard to line up the tape with the paper rectangle without wrinkles.  

At first I was concerned they looked too DIY (is there such a thing?) but once they were on the tables mingling with the bottles of red they looked festive and pretty.

Oh, we filled them with bottled spring water.  With a funnel.  

I didn't get many great party photos but I will see if I can get a picture of how the bottles looked on the tables...  

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