Dutch Babies

Dutch Babies were a favorite of mine growing up.  I couldn't, for the life of me, describe it to my husband:  somewhere between a crepe and bread pudding.  The vision of powdered sugar absorbing the pools of butter on the surface is pure happiness.  BFF made them when we visited last weekend and the memories came flooding back.  This weekend I made them for my family for the first time.  

Most recipes I found served 2-3 people, and most looked pretty flat in the photos.  So I found this recipe -- nailed it! -- although it was so rich and dense that a half batch in an 8x8 pan would have worked fine for 4 people.  This recipe yields 8 generous slices, and none of us could finish a second piece.  Click the link for the recipe, but I'll share my photos to show how it comes together.

You melt the butter in the oven, and add the batter (eggs, milk, flour, vanilla).

Fifteen minutes later -- poof!  Literally, the Dutch Babies poofs up like a souffle.  I called the family in to watch me open the oven.  They all had that Oh God what now look, but when I opened the oven door they all went "Whoa!" in unison.  

Sprinkle  Cover in powdered sugar.  Much Better.

Hint:  the corners have the most butter.  It was almost too buttery for me, and I can see why topping with lemon and sugar is popular.  We served it with blueberries, and hubby liked it with syrup and jam.  

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  1. Yum! You put vanilla in yours... sounds good. I will have to try that. Weekend breakfast is a favorite meal time for me. No rush to get out the door for school and we all get to eat together something more elaborate and special than during the week. Keep the good ideas coming.


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