Crispy Homemade Hashbrowns

I don't normally keep potatoes in the house, but I got a 10# bag at Costco and had to find ways to use them! I Googled recipes for homemade hashbrowns and one of my favorite go-to food blogs came up #1. Her method uses a potato ricer which I don't have, and I wanted to leave her a comment that mine turned out fantastic anyway, but her blog comments were closed -- I have to tell SOMEBODY how easy and crispy these are so I'll write up a quick post to share :)

I thought you had to boil the potatoes first but you don't, which means I'll probably be making hashbrowns more often! I made these to use in homemade frozen breakfast burritos.

This isn't really a recipe, just a technique. Start by scrubbing and grating some russet/baking potatoes. Take a fistful and SQUEEZE over the sink to get the water out. This is the part that makes them crispy, squeezing the water out. Then press between paper towels.

Heat your fat (bacon grease, butter or oil) on medium heat. You don't need a ridiculous amount, just enough to almost cover the bottom of the pan. Speaking of the pan, use a big one. Sprinkle the potato in a thin layer and let 'em fry. Salt & pepper on top while they cook.  Check if they're ready to turn by lifting the edge -- if it holds together and is golden on the bottom, they're ready. Turn and cook til the other side is golden.  Make sure you still have enough fat in the pan when you start your next batch.

There, crispy hashbrowns without a potato ricer!

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