Green smoothie WITHOUT a high-power blender

I think I have perfected my (purple) green smoothie. I don't have a Vitamix or BlendTec, just a Cuisenart blender.  At first I was throwing everything in and trying to puree or liquify everything at once, but it was so thick that I had to add way more liquid than I wanted, and ended up with a watery smoothie.  I finally realized that it's easier to add the chunkier things at the end.

Here is how I make it:

Blend 12oz almond milk and 2 dates.  (You could add some flax or any flavoring sat this time as well, like cinnamon). 

Add 2 handfuls (around 1 Cup) frozen spinach or kale and blend.  

Add a handful (around 1/2 Cup) frozen blueberries. Blend smooth. 

Simple, I know, but blending in stages made the whole process so much easier.  Hope it helps and you enjoy!   

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