CHEATER'S TIP! How to do a print-and-cut WITHOUT a registration markson your Silhouette Cameo

I am making some cards for my daughters class. Cards to give their friend who just had surgery to remove a brain tumor. He's 10. It's Christmas time, his birthday is Dec. 31st, and he's about to start 5 or 6 rounds of very aggressive chemo and radiation. It's heart-wrenchingly sad.

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So I'm using my Cameo for something that might bring a smile to his face!  My friend Denise wanted to make cards for the class to give Ben and I offered to help. 

I needed something fairly quick so I could get 65 cards done in a day. I didn't want to fuss with registration marks, partly because I know that there are usually mistakes that waste time and paper, and partly because I was limited on space with my standard size printer and registration marks cutting into that space even more. 

Basically what I did was create a design that covered the entire page (like a patterned paper you would buy, which I could have used except I wanted to use his name so it felt custom). Then when you cut the card, you don't have to be precise because the design is "scattered". 

The cut for the card is simply a 5x7" rectangle with a dotted line running down the middle. The folded card is 3.5x5". 

I wanted to incorporate Spanish into one of the designs because they are in a Dual Immersion program.  

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