2-day Tween Room Makeover

For my daughter's 10th birthday I surprised her with a mini-makeover on her bedroom. I was able to make the curtains, paint the letters, buy the rug and mirror, and hang everything in a 2-day period.  We had already painted the walls peach a year ago, and I had gotten the horse decal from a Groupon.

It all started with the bedspread. My mom got her this awesome "17 Magazine" purple zebra comforter from JC Penny online -- really nice quality I might add.  That cinched the rest of the color palette for me, and this is what I came up with...

The DIY curtains were the biggest project which you can read about here. They really transform the room.

When she was a baby I got letters to spell her name on the wall but she has grown out of the color pink, so I updated them with spray paint!  Read about it here.

I hung a cheapie mirror from WalMart on her closet door with super strong 10# mounting tape (pictured). Every girl needs a full length mirror.

the red marks are the tape

And finally a coordinating fuzzy rug next to her bed pulled the whole thing together.  Also from WalMart. It was a one stop shopping kind of makeover. 

We surprised her with her new room when she got home from dance class and she L-O-V-E-D it!  I plan on adding a little more vinyl on the walls, and then making over the other half of the room for my son since they share and he needs his name on the wall too, and some more boyish stuff on his side!

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