Super Easy DIY Glass Marble Magnets

This is going to be a quick post, that is just how easy these glass marble magnets are to make!  I wanted to make some for my mom who is always looking for pretty magnets, and then I made a bunch more because they are so fun and pretty.  These were just one of three paper crafting projects that I wanted to try for Christmas.  Hers are a black and white fleur de lys damask type pattern, and I also made some really cute polka dots and chevrons.  I only have pictures of the hearts and insects because the fancier ones are currently on display in my mom's skincare salon but I'll add some more pictures later.  I have to mention that I started out using Mod Podge to glue the paper to the marble, and then E6000 to glue the magnet on, but E6000 is photo safe so I figure why not just use it for the paper/marble as well?  One less thing to buy/get out/put away...

What you need:

  • 3/4" flat bottom glass marbles from the floral department (my local Dollar Tree has them, and the large ones too).  I think I counted 68 in the small bag.
  • E6000 or any very strong glue
  • 3/4" magnets (I got a package of 50 at Michael's, normally $6-7 but I used my 40% coupon)
  • Scrapbook paper - if my calculations are correct you could make 144 magnets from ONE sheet of 12x12" paper!  
  • Optional: 3/4" round paper punch (this is a HUGE time saver and just a few bucks if you use a coupon)

Start out by punching your paper.  You can turn the punch over to see where you're cutting if you're worried about pattern placement.  

Apply a small bead of glue to the bottom of the marble - smaller than a pea.  (Sorry about the blurry picture!)

Place the pretty side of the paper onto the glue, press down and swirl a bit to work the glue to the edges of the marble.  

Let the marble rest paper-up for 5-10 minutes so you don't accidentally glue it to the table.  When it's dry enough that the paper doesn't slide around, apply another bead of glue to the magnet and press/swirl  the marble on it like before.  

You might want to look directly down on the magnet to make sure it is centered nicely on the magnet.  The marbles aren't perfect circles so you don't want your magnet sticking out in places.  

Give them a few minutes to dry and that's it!  

I glued mine to card stock that I printed my logo on, and glued down some 3/4" washers for the magnets to stick to -- an idea that I totally stole from Sabby in Suburbia whose pictures are much more beautiful than mine.  When I make more I'll glue the washers to the back of the card, and cover the back with another piece of card stock to hide the washers and have a sturdier package.  

I don't know much about glue, but I've heard E6000 is the best.  But it doesn't stand up to being thrown across tile flooring repeatedly by a one-year-old, so beware.

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  1. Your sideboard and vignette are beautiful! I would frame that embroidery....How gorgeous! Vanna

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