This One Goes Out To The Cottage Cheese Haters

I hate cottage cheese, too. That said, because its a healthy protein I have tried to eat it throughout my life and the closest I've come to liking it is eating it with pineapple. Putting it on a baked potato is a close second. I bought some for the baby and I figured I'd try again (lead by example, right?).

For the baby I blend it with barely-simmered blueberries (just a few minutes on the stove in just enough water to cover the bottom of the pot/pan). It makes the coolest purple lipstick.

Then my Aunt taught me the old Weight Watchers trick to put it on toast with a little sweetener à la cheese danish... So I put the two together: toasted sourdough bread with cottage cheese and warm blueberries!

Lightly cooking the berries brings out that warm-blueberry-muffin-quality. You could jazz it up with cinnamon or nutmeg. And I'm not just forcing it down, I actually LIKE it! It helps that I buy the higher fat cottage cheese for the baby, less curd-y. If only I could do without the toast, I shouldn't be eating the carbs, but something about the tangy crusty toast, creamy cottage cheese and sweet tart berries is just so right...

Here's something else yummy for you (and baby) to eat with/on cottage cheese.

How do you like your cottage cheese? Make sure to tell me if this converts you to a lover not a hater :)

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